Digital Marketing With Quality Content

You benefit from our expertise in digital marketing to fortify your online marketing efforts and business reputation - working smarter not harder. The first step is to schedule a free consultation, which you can do here.

Benefits Of Content Marketing

This digital marketing material is designed and presented to easily help you, one step at a time, to improve your business reputation - the perception of how potential buyers see you and understand you - and most importantly, how they find you in the search engines.

Content marketing success does not take place over night. What we offer here are proven methods that will produce results over time with a steady effort on your part.

What Is The Focus Of This Marketing Material?

Reducing or shortening your learning curve on implementing effective SEO techniques is the focus of this marketing material. The materials provided, on an ongoing basis, are based on the only true test - the test of time. The videos and articles are cultivated from 10+ years of experience in web marketing, web site design, and project management.

This marketing intel can be applied to any platform, PC or MAC, and any CMS (Content Management System) or program you are using or plan to use to publish your web site or blog content.

Here is a brief list, not a complete one, of topics that are covered with our material …. keeping in mind the content is designed as ‘how to’ and made so it can be easily applied by you to your situation….

  • Meta Tags
  • Writing Quality Content
  • SEO Your Web Pages
  • Using HTML5
  • Content Strategies For Google, Bing, & Facebook
  • Setup Private Marketing System To Distribute Content & Record Visitor Transactions
  • Use Forms Not Email Addresses
  • Setup Gmail To Send Mail From Your Domain
  • Leverage The Free Business Listings That Have Quality

  • SEO Tips For WordPress & Blogspot
  • Formatting A Blog For Success
  • Installing An Effective Call To Action
  • Automate Social Marketing
  • Using An Online Database To Save Records, Send Newsletters
  • Automating Your Online Marketing Starts At Your Site Or Blog
  • Use PageRank (PR) To Boost Your Site Authority
  • 25 Free Sites To List Your Business With PR Of 6+

  • Research Key Words
  • Tracking Visitor Traffic
  • Produce Organic Search Results
  • Setting Up An Adword Campaign
  • Distributing Content to Groups & Communities Without Using Email
  • Adding Keywords To Your Movie(s)
  • Designing Effective Responsive Content
  • Five Steps To Creating A Professional Business Image

Why Will This Marketing Content Help Your Business?

Consider this marketing intel material a resource that you can use 24/7, 365 days a year to boost your marketing success.

The SEO techniques are your first aid kit to improving your visibility in search engines; as an organic listing on the first page of search results. We have accomplished this for countless clients and now, as a member of this Marketing Intel Group, you have access to our proven techniques.

The quality ideas and education you will receive from applying our marketing intel material, to your specific situation, will also help you build a short term and long term strategy to improving your web site visitor traffic, converting visitors to subscribers, and converting viewers and/or subscribers into buyers or clients.

I Don’t See My Question Covered In This Material

Simply, send us your question and we will help you find an answer or point you to quality resources that can help you. As well, private consultations are available using a conference call or SKYPE.