Web Site Hosting Services

We can host your web site after we design it, or host a web site you have designed. WordPress is included in our hosting capabilities.

Free Hosting In Year One
When we design your web site we will host the first year for FREE. That includes your own email addresses for no extra fee.

Great Service, Affordable Prices
Most sites are a hosting fee of $30 - $25 a year, depending on what we are doing for you in terms of marketing.

Web Site Hosting

Affordable Web Hosting

Your domain is your URL or your web address. For example yourname.com is a domain.

Where do I get a domain?

We suggest Google Domains for purchasing your domain. They are inexpensive and provide all the services, like email using your domain, that services like GoDaddy charge you to acquire.

Use our contact Page to ask us your question about our web hosting services.

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.

Do I Need Web Hosting?

Yes, in order to have your web site viewable on the web you need to have a host that places your files on their server. You can always use a free service that hosts your site, but you will miss the professional advantages of having a web site coach to help you get started in your marketing and design.

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